Sonu’s Diabetes Secret Review – Real Benefits or Negative Side Effects?

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Sonu's Diabetes Secret

Diabetes type-2 is a global health challenge that many people face. Diabetes still has no known cure, despite the fact that it affects many people. Yet, there are remedies that claim to provide relief or even reverse diabetes completely. Sonu’s Diabetes Secret program is here to help you manage your diabetes.

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret is a powerful program that teaches you what foods to eat to manage, prevent, and even reverse diabetes naturally and effectively.

It’s nothing new, right? Exercise and eat well are two of the best ways to prevent type 2 diabetes, since studies have found that obesity and an inactive lifestyle are the main factors. Despite that, most regimes make it impossible for it to even be a realistic option. They require that you give up all of your favorite foods, cut out sweets, and spend all your free time exercising. People give up simply because it isn’t practical.

You are likely to go the pharmaceutical route if you do not opt for the natural route, which can often come with several side effects and a high cost.

According to research, diabetics spend 2.3 times more on medical expenses than those who don’t have diabetes. So, what do we do now? You will find Sonu’s Diabetes Secret to be a pragmatic, 21-day nutrition program that does not involve counting calories, exercising on a treadmill, or avoiding foods that you enjoy.

What is Sonu’s Diabetes Secret?

Many factors can cause an increase in blood glucose levels. Blood glucose levels can rise if a diet contains too much-processed sugar or too much protein. In addition, some medications like tranquilizers and painkillers may alter blood sugar levels.

Numerous techniques exist to help those with high blood sugar levels reduce their levels naturally, without the use of drugs. The most crucial aspect of managing diabetes is diet and nutrition.

‘Sonu’s Diabetes Secret’ is an online program designed to help people prevent diabetes as well as relieve those who have diabetes. The program comes with a product bundle that offers a proven plan that claims to deliver excellent results.

Sonu's Diabetes Secret

Using this program helps users reduce high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels without taking any medication. In addition, it does not cause any side effects. Sonu’s Diabetes Secret is a considerably easier and simpler program, particularly for those who are ready to engage in light exercises.

In order to lose weight or stay healthy, people are advised to do some form of regular exercise. It is very important to consult with a healthcare provider about any extra medicine that they may take, especially if you are on blood glucose-lowering medication.

How Does the Sonu’s Diabetes Secret Work?

The Diabetes Secret from Sonu provides a simple, straightforward guide to help users stabilize their blood sugar levels in just a few days. Planned diets and exercises are part of the program, which utilizes nine special foods to set blood sugar levels ablaze and eliminate carbohydrates and sugar from the diet.

The creator says the program will lower blood sugar levels without requiring users to consume a crazy diet or exercise. Results are guaranteed by three exclusive reports:

Sonu's Diabetes Secret works for all ages

Sonu’s Diabetes 9 “Healthy Blood Sugar Level Foods”
Sonu’s Diabetes 5-Minute Recipes for sauces, dressings, and dips
Sonu’s Diabetes 21-Day “Always Full” Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Delicious Eating Plan

The Sonu’s Diabetes Secret program was created by Karen Richardson to help people of all ages, ranging from 21 to 85, live a life free from erratic blood sugar levels. Several movements are used in this program to exercise different muscles at the same time.

In addition to working on several body parts at once, the user works on several muscles at a time. As a result, you consume more calories than if you just exercised one muscle. Additional energy allows users to burn more fat, slim down, and maintain their desired size.

What’s Included with Sonu’s Diabetes Secret?

When you purchase Sonu’s Diabetes Secret, you’ll receive three eBooks, including –

Sonu’s 9 Healthy Blood Sugar Level Foods:

With this eBook, Sonu (and Karen) show you the foods you need to control blood sugar levels, lose weight, and manage diabetes without taking medications prescribed by your doctor. You don’t have to eat all of these foods. A variety of foods are capable of reducing ‘blood sugar inflammation’ however. You can buy these foods at your local supermarket for an affordable price.

Sonu’s 5-Minute Recipes for Sauces, Dressings, and Dips:

‘Sonu’, who is behind Karen’s program, recommends a specific combination of ingredients for sauces, dressings, and dips. The ingredients in these products can help you lose weight, control your blood sugar, and regulate your appetite. Recipes for Sonu’s recommended sauces, dressings, and dips are included in this eBook.

Sonu’s 21-Day Always Full Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Delicious Eating Plan:

There are morning snacks, mid-morning snacks, lunches, mid-afternoon snacks, meals, after-dinner snacks, and nighttime snacks available for this meal plan for a 3 week (21 day) period. To manage diabetes and improve blood sugar, Sonu recommends specific foods and snacks for you to consume. You’ll stay full while losing weight and balancing blood sugar all day long with these foods.

Bonuses Included with Sonu’s Diabetes Secret

A series of bonus eBooks are being bundled with all purchases of Diabetes Secret. Sonu’s Diabetes Secret package includes the following seven bonuses from Karen Richardson:

  • Bonus No 1: The Energy Blast Fruit to Eat Every Day in the Afternoon
  • Bonus No 2: What to Tell Your Doctor About This Secret
  • Bonus No 3: 5 Foods for Super Immunity Against Infections
  • Bonus No 4: The Best Vegetable for Pain Relief
  • Bonus No 5: The Amazing Asian Weight Loss Secret
  • Bonus No 6: Recipes that Will Save You $1,560 a Year over Store-Bought Products
  • Bonus No 7: Surprise Mystery Bonus

The Story Behind Sonu’s Diabetes Secret

An American woman named Karen Richardson created Sonu’s Diabetes Secret. Karen is a math teacher in the middle school and is a single mother with two children. Her grandson was spending the night with her, so she was baking chocolate chip cookies at 8 pm. A dizzy feeling set in, and she collapsed.

At the hospital, Karen was diagnosed with a stroke – and thanks to the doctors she survived. Her fasting blood sugar was 147 and her A1C was 7.2.

In addition to having high fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C, she had a high level of blood sugar. A stroke was caused by this high blood sugar.

To treat Karen’s condition, her doctor prescribed her metformin to lower her blood sugar. Due to serious side effects from the metformin, doctors prescribed Karen two additional prescription drugs. In addition, the doctors advised Karen to follow a diet plan, use insulin shots, and lose weight.

Karen, however, was disappointed by the diet advice given by her licensed dietitian and nutritionist. Despite her desire to quit eating unhealthy foods, she was unable to do so. Foods she liked to eat were still on her menu:

The reason I was so upset is that they wanted me to exercise and eat like some 21-year-old fitness model with an insatiable appetite, a fast metabolism, and wasn’t busy with her life! I was unable to eat anything I loved. There were very few carbs or sugars I could consume. I had to eat like a bird and exercise like a maniac to lose weight. What a joke!”

When Karen became frustrated with her doctor and nutritionist, she began researching natural remedies.

sweet berry sonu's diabetes secret

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of Sonu’s Diabetes Secret:

  • In conjunction with daily exercise, it reveals what foods to eat to help prevent diabetes.
  • In this book, you will discover an array of useful alternatives to reduce anxiety and increase well-being.
  • Many of the recipes in the e-book use ingredients that people already have. This allows users to incorporate these ingredients into their daily diets.
  • The recipes are simple to follow and take just a few minutes to prepare
  • You will find vegetarian dishes such as brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread, barley, legumes, fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits, and seeds in the cookbook.
  • With a one-time purchase, users can get the entire program for a heavily discounted price.
testimonials of sonu's diabetes secret

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret Drawbacks

This is what you will learn from Sonu’s Diabetes Secret

In Sonu’s Diabetes Secret, you will learn how to use specific foods to tackle your blood sugar inflammation and get relief from all of the symptoms of diabetes. Using the program, you can easily learn and implement the 21-day plan, which involves adding one or two foods and one of the dressings or sauces to one meal a day.

Each day has different food lists, delicious recipes, a meal plan, and a calendar of recipes to eat throughout the day. The program is also designed specifically for 21 days since it typically takes approximately three weeks to form new habits. Your new healthy eating habits will become second nature after 21 days.

Besides providing a 21-day plan, the program also offers you detailed information about specific foods that will balance your consumption of “not-so-healthy” foods and help you lower the spikes in your blood sugar.

  • Chapter 1: 9 “Health Blood Sugar Level” Foods
  • Chapter 2: 5-Minute Sauces and Dips recipes for a Healthy Blood Sugar Level
  • Chapter 3: 21-Day “Always Full” – A ‘Healthy Blood Sugar’ Meal Plan with Recipes
  • Day 1 – 7
  • Day 8 – 14
  • Day 15 – 21
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Examples: Berry Overnight Oats, Veggie Omelet, Smoothie Bowl
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Examples: Grilled Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Broccoli Salad
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Examples: Southwestern Chicken Salad, Chicken Fajita, Teriyaki Salmon Bowl
  • Conclusion
  • References

Sonu’s 9 Foods That Manage Blood Sugar

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret includes “9 healthy blood sugar level foods” that can allegedly reduce blood sugar inflammation, allowing you to balance your blood sugar, lose weight, and enjoy other benefits.

In one of Karen’s books she names a blood sugar-regulating food (white mulberry). You’ll need to purchase Sonu’s Diabetes Secret to find out what the other eight foods are.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #1: White Mulberry:

DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin) [1]is an antioxidant found in white mulberries. Using this ingredient, Karen claims to prevent the breakdown of many carbohydrates into sugars, which makes it easier for the body to regulate blood sugar levels. Several diabetes supplements are available online today that contains white mulberry extract. Despite just eating a carb-heavy or sugar-rich meal, Karen describes the berry as a “sugar filter” that blocks carbohydrates and sugars from reaching your bloodstream.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #2: A Special Type of Yogurt:

The author of Sonu’s Diabetes Secret suggests a specific type of yogurt, which she says “helps lower blood sugar levels dramatically.” The yogurt affects a hormone named GLP-1. Your body uses that hormone to regulate blood glucose levels.

yogurt sonu's diabetes secret

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #3: A Special type of Cabbage:

As part of her diabetes management plan, Karen suggests eating a variety of cabbage rich in glutarathin, a nutrient that has anti-inflammatory properties, and sulforaphane, which she claims has anti-diabetic properties.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #4: A Common Household Spice:

To manage blood sugar, Karen recommends a common spice (it isn’t cinnamon). In a study, this spice prevented kidney damage and alleviated oxidative stress in people with diabetes.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #5: A Tasty Vegetable and Spice:

In addition, Karen recommends eating specific tasty vegetables and spices, which she claims will boost insulin levels.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #6: A Popular Red Spice:

It is popular in chicken, fish, hummus, salads, vegetables, rubs, and dips because of its mild, tart, lemony zing. The spice may be able to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels and certain symptoms of diabetes.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #7: A Delicious Grain:

Additionally, Karen recommends using a softening grain that can serve as a substitute for flour. It can also be sprinkled over casseroles or fish. Karen claims it helps with type 2 diabetes and blood sugar.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #8: A Sweet Fruit:

The second-last blood sugar-boosting food Sonu and Karen recommend is an incredible fruit. “Like PacMan, the fruit consumes lots of sugars in your bloodstream,” says Karen.

Healthy Blood Sugar Level Food #9: A Vegetable with Insulin-Like Chemicals:

Sonu and Karen recommend a vegetable with “Several chemicals which act like insulin” and lower blood glucose and A1C.
If you eat at least one food from the nine foods Sonu and Karen recommend for maintaining a healthy blood sugar level every day, you can gain powerful benefits.

What are the experts’ thoughts on Sonu’s Diabetes Secret?

Maintaining good health requires both exercise and a balanced diet. Furthermore, they can help diabetics maintain decent health even after they get the disease.

As an example, exercise is crucial to maintaining weight loss, which lowers the risk of diabetes. Weight should be checked by everyone. Diabetes is caused by excessive weight gain. Nerve damage in the legs caused by obesity can make walking difficult or impossible.

By decreasing blood sugar levels, people can help stop the growth of kidney disorders. Human kidneys are the body’s main filter unit, so they need a continuous blood sugar supply. The kidneys cannot do their job properly if glucose levels drop. Other conditions, such as kidney failure, may result from this.

After the illness has set in, if an individual doesn’t receive enough rest and nourishment, they could suffer permanent kidney damage. In the Diabetes Secret program, Sonu provides solutions to lower blood sugar levels, preventing this problem from arising.

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret creator Karen claims that following the lessons she lost weight, lowered her blood sugar, and enjoyed other benefits.

sonu's diabetes secret proven plan

There are many customers with diabetes on the website making similar claims. Following Sonu’s Diabetes Secret lessons, many customers claim to have lowered their blood sugar, dropped their A1C, and experienced other benefits.

On the official website, the following testimonials have been shared:

Jean Cunningham from Massachusetts claims Sonu’s Diabetes Secret helped lower her A1C from 10.4 to 6.2 quickly; she also liked the protocol because the delicious foods were easy to add to her diet.

Tom from Texas claims to have lost 43 pounds since following Sonu’s Diabetes Secret; his doctor previously told him he would be on insulin for the rest of his life, but Tom says he stopped taking the insulin a year ago, and his blood sugar continues to be normal

According to Mary from California, Sonu’s Diabetes Secret is “the fastest and easiest way to end diabetes and any blood sugar problems,” after suffering from a severe case of diabetes and having tried everything before following Sonu’s Diabetes Secret.

Her blood sugar reportedly dropped from 282 all the way to 102 after using Sonu’s Diabetes Secret, and she also lost 28 pounds, according to Karen.

Using Sonu’s Diabetes Secret treatment program can save you a lot of money; the website claims that following the program will save “you hundreds or thousands” of dollars by avoiding doctor visits, prescription medication, co-pays, test strips, equipment, and higher health insurance premiums.

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Sonu’s Diabetes Secret?

As a result, this program can help anyone keep their blood sugar levels under control, despite the many claims made by the health industry that there is no solution. Individuals who suffer from high blood sugar levels and want to reduce glucose production will benefit from this program.

What makes Sonu’s Diabetes Secret different from other programs?

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret does not target insulin production or reducing blood glucose levels. In fact, users essentially repair the damage that blood sugar has already caused by following a list of 9 foods that support healthy blood sugar levels. You must consume at least one of these foods each day, along with a special sauce described in the guide.

Apart from this simple change, users do not have to adjust their current diet in any other way. As a result, these foods reduce the amount of sugar that is absorbed by the body from carbohydrates.

Why are consumers not aware of this solution if it is so effective?

The information has not been available. Before she saw a National Geographic TV program about the country in which Sonu lives, the creator of this program was unaware of the solution.

How does Sonu’s Diabetes Secret work after the user has paid for it?

The user will only have to enter their payment details on the secure checkout page. When payment is processed, users will have access to a members-only area, which shows them everything they need to know about the program over the next three weeks. Additionally, there is a schedule, a food list, and a special bonus.

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret can be viewed directly from any tablet, computer, or smartphone since everything is digital. Download and print the program for those who prefer hard copies.

What if the user’s blood sugar levels do not match up with the program’s predictions?

Customers are protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Is the special pricing going to be available for a long time?

Currently, we do not know how long the special pricing will last. At the moment, users only have to pay $37 for it, but if they purchase it after today, their discount may not be as good.

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret: How much is it and where can you buy it?

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret is currently available for purchase on the official website for one time only. To place an order, buyers should visit the official website. Online and offline stores do not sell the program.

Those who buy the program today enjoy a heavily discounted price from the creator. You don’t need to spend a fortune on useless products when you can get Sonu’s Diabetes Secret program for just $37 today.

As you can imagine, the regular price of this program is $299, so there is a significant discount. There will be no subscription or renewal for this purchase. There is, however, a limit to the discounted price, and the creator encourages buyers to take advantage of this deal while it lasts.

sonu's diabetes plan pricing

Additionally, the program offers bonuses that will help you achieve your goals once purchased:

  • The “Energy Blast” Fruit to Eat Every Day in the Afternoon
  • What to Tell Your Doctor About this Secret
  • 5 Foods for “Super Immunity” and Against Infections
  • The Best Vegetable for Pain Relief
  • The Asian Amazing Weight Loss Secret
  • Surprise Mystery Bonus
  • Recipes that save users $1560 a year over store-bought products

A 365-day money-back guarantee is also included in the program. Please contact customer service for further information via:


One of Sonu’s Diabetes Secret’s main goals is to help people with diabetes who don’t wish to take diabetes medication and other drugs prescribed by their doctors.

Sonu’s Diabetes Secret claims that you can reduce blood sugar and lose weight by simply eating specific foods and sauces. You can avoid thousands of dollars in medical expenses, avoid thousands of dollars in medications, and stop taking prescription diabetes medication.

Diabetes can be reversed, according to science. Studies conducted by Endocrine Web demonstrate that following an extremely low-calorie liquid diet (400 – 800 calories per day) for an extended period of time (4 – 6 months) can trigger the pancreas’ production of insulin and thereby reverse diabetes.

The foods and spices in Sonu’s Diabetes Secret might help you control your blood sugar while complementing your doctor’s recommended diet and lifestyle.

You can learn more about Sonu’s Diabetes Secret and the protocol by visiting here. The protocol is available for $37 with a 365-day money-back guarantee.